GRIM (CH. 5 Sc. 2)

“Enough,” Grim said again, this time with a grudging growl of threat. “I saw you across the river, trying to sneak towards my shore.” He growled again, mostly at himself for the oddness  of claiming what he knows he never earned. “I heard you climb above my den and dig your way in. And now I see you as you make a mess of where I sleep.”

GRIM (CH. 4 Sc. 4)

She sat up in a rush, suddenly restless. Her mind raced. She wasn’t entirely sure of the reason herself, until after she’d piled her two other dresses, her woodsman pants, long sleeved shirt, and her old boots onto her bed and wrapped it all tightly in the rough gray fabric of her blanket. She wasn’t going to wait anymore.